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Friday, December 24, 2010

How to use a Wax Melter

This user guide is written by Southern Cross Candles and is only instructions for our wax melter you can purchase one at our website Southern Cross Candles

Wax Melter Instruction Sheet:

This guide will provide you all the information you need to Use your Wax Melter safely.

1. Basic Candle Making safety Tips.

a. www.SouthernCrossCandles.comUsing basic candle making safety tips is always the first priority when melting wax using any product. Wax is very flammable and WILL catch fire. Please make sure your work space is clean and clutter free. NO ANIMALS, SMALL CHILDREN, OR DISTRACTIONS.

b. Always have a damp towel nearby.

c. Always cover your workspace.

d. Ensure your presto Pot is on a raised and steady surface.

e. Work slowly and carefully

When you have reviewed and completed all the above safety basics. Please continue onto our Wax Melting Preparations.

2. Always start by placing your wax melter on a raised and sturdy surface. If you are filling molds or containers you will need your wax melter to be higher than the mold. I use a wood box that was pre made (I purchased mine from Michaels). This allows plenty of room around the Wax Melter that the heat will not interfere with anything around it. Please not this will need to be used only when making candles as you may spill wax onto it.

3. Step 3 is easy. Wipe out the inside of your Wax Melter to ensure you do not dust or residue wax inside. The Wax Melter has a Teflon surface which is really great!!! This surface protects your pot. It is nonstick and wipes clean very easily.

a. Cleaning Wax from pot: It is always best to do this when you are finished melting your wax, but if you forgot J here is what you do. Simply turn your Wax Melter on to the warm setting. Use an old dish towel (one only used for candles) and wipe the inside clean. Remember that left over wax may still be in the spout so tilt your Melter so if there is any wax in the spout it will also come out. Wipe all around and be sure to get all the leftover wax out.

b. If your pot is very Messy: If you have been neglecting your Pot and it needs a thorough cleaning follow these steps. Follow above step to get majority of waxy residue out. Then fill pot halfway up with water and turn on to a lower setting so water does not boil. This will remove any staining or wax that was left anywhere in the pot. When finished turn heat off and allow the water to cool. Take your pot OUTSIDE and DUMP the water in a safe location such as a hole or trash bin. Do not use the spout. At this point your wax will be hard and you do not want it to clog your spout or your SINK!

4. Now that you have a clean pot with no wax or left over scent in it lets start making some candles!! Now you can place your Melter in its home location safely supported and plug in. You want the temp below 200 especially for a low melt point wax such as Soy. Always remember to follow the instructions that come with your wax. Every type of wax has different melt points. Wax is very flammable and will catch fire if you exceed a certain temp. So if in doubt call your supplier and ask questions. I always use the warm setting just to be safe. Place your desired amount into the presto pot. Keep in mind you really want to know about how much wax your project will take so you do not have left over wax in your presto pot. (I use a journal and write down my wax “recipes” this also makes it easier to duplicate).

5. After you have placed your wax into the melting pot Remember to stir just as your would with a double boiler. Stirring the wax will evenly distribute everything. Please note: if you are remelting wax left over from a previous project the wax in your spout will take longer to fully melt. DON’T WORRY ITS NOT CLOGGED. Stirring also helps melt the wax in the spout.

6. When your wax is melted I turn off my heat. Your wax is now heated enough and will continue to stay melted. As there is a fire risk with melting wax I prefer Safer. You can now add your choice of color.

7. Adding Color is simple: I prefer the color Buttons or Chips. Any type of coloring agent will work with this melter including concentrated liquids. Whatever you prefer, add it to the melter and continue stirring until evenly distributed.

8. Adding Scent: This can be done in a number of ways as this is a personal preference.

a. Add while wax is in the Melter: I prefer this method as I can evenly distribute the scent. Simply add your desired amount into the wax and color mixture and stir. Immediately following pour contents into container or mold following instructions below.

b. Pour your wax into container or mold then add scent: Some people prefer this method as the wax is away from the heat source. Some prefer this method and say it creates a stronger scent.

9. www.SouthernCrossCandles.comWhen you have added your scent you are ready to pour your wax. This is what makes the wax melter GREAT! You place your container under the spout. Please make sure your wick is in place and secure as the stream may cause it to move. Now you turn the handle of the Melter. The more you turn the heavier the stream that will come out. I turn it about half way to allow myself enough time in case something goes wrong (overflow). If you have a large mold or container and feel comfortable going full speed turn the handle to the forward position.

10. Continue to Watch your Pot. This is a very important time in the candle making process DO NOT walk away while wax is pouring. At this time you need 100% attention on your project.

11. When you are reaching the top of the mold turn your nozzle to slowly stop the pouring process. Your spout may drip a couple of times to leave your container where it is for a couple of seconds.

12. If you are making more then one candle continue repeating above steps until complete

13. Once you have finished you have two options:

a. You have very little wax left over because you measured your needed wax amounts: In this case you would turn your wax melter back on and wipe clean as above in step #3a. Remember to clean out your spout.

b. You have TONS of wax leftover: This happens for various reasons and it is ok. Everyone is different with their wax melting techniques. You would simply allow your wax to cool normally. It will harden in the Pot. When you are ready to melt wax again keep in mind it will take longer for the wax in the spout to remelt and you will need to stir.

14. At this stage you are ready to use different scent and color or finish up your project completely.

Using a wax melter is easy, remember to always use extreme caution and try to maintain the lowest temperature to avoid any fire risk. Never melt with the lid on or above 250 degrees unless melting plastic.


Heat with the lid on (Ours does not come with the lid as this is a FIRE hazard)


Tip Pot on Its Side


Melt Large Quantities of Wax at a time


Select Heat Above 250


Use the Warm Setting


Use an unsteady surface to rest Pot


Only use solid raised work surface


Ask for help if you need it


Get distracted


Have Fun


Below we have outlined our most frequently asked questions regarding our melters, we hope this email as well as the melter guide will give you all the information you need to maintain and use your melter.

Melter FAQ:

What is the warm setting: The temperature depends on the degrees of the surrounding room. Usually around 130 degrees.

How do I assemble the Handles and Legs? The handle and legs are not assembled to help alleviate damage during shipping, the screws are already in place simply remover the screws and attach the handle or legs and replace the screw and tighten.

Should I leave the wax in my melter when I am finished? It will not harm the melter to leave the wax inside, but keep in mind the wax in the spout will take longer to heat up than the wax directly above the heat source. You will still be able to turn the handle but the wax will not flow out immediately. Please note your melter is not damaged, the wax will flow as smoothly as your first time, in just a few minutes.

What if my flow out of my spout splashes? There is an easy fix, sometimes the tip of the spout gets out of place, simply tighten and center the valve inside the outer most brass fixture.

Can the brass fixtures be removed? The first brass fixture that is attached to the melter is not removable, if you try and turn the spout you may break the sealant and you are more likely to have a leak. The handle fixture can be moved and removed, but keep in mind to hold the first fixture tightly and do not break the seal. The spout, or the last fixture is also removable, this helps if you need to turn the spout for any reason, just keep in mind to not move the first piece and break the seal.

How much does it hold? The melter will hold 4lbs of unmelted soy wax and 8 lbs of melted soy wax.

If you have any other questions please email us at

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