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Friday, November 19, 2010

Premium Wax Melter

We have just added our Premium Wax Melter to our website:

You can purchase and find more details at:

What a great buy and a serious must have if you are making candles. Here are the details.

Melting Made Easy!

This Listing is for a Premium Wax Melter. What does that mean? A Premium Wax Melter is made using top quality fixtures and adhesives providing you a long lasting investment.Our Premium Melter Listing includes: 4 quart Melting Pot with heating element,Adhesive tape, 400 degree Sealant, Steady Pour Spout, Adjustable Thermostat 130 degree(warm setting) - 400 degree, Detachable Cord, Easy Release Handle,Wax Melter User Guide, Lid, and Strainer, don't pay more with others who will not include ALL the necessities you pay for and allow you to own a durable maintenance free melter. Please review our policies below and should you have any other questions contact us at anytime.

What Makes us different: Many sellers on are not including the lid or the strainer. Both are essential to your candle and soap making needs. The lid prevents dust from entering your pot. (NEVER USE THE LID WHILE THE MELTER IS TURNED ON, ONLY APPLY LID WHEN THE MELTER HAS REACHED ROOM TEMPERATURE) The strainer is a MUST HAVE is you are using wax or soap. The strainer works great for dipping items into your Melter without the risk of burning yourself. I not only sell the melter but use it! I love making candles not just selling the supplies so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions after your purchase about using the melter.

TESTING: Each Melter undergoes a number of tests before being shipped to our Customers. Each Tests ensures you receive the a quality melter without leaks of manufacturers defects.

Assembly: The handles and support feet are made using a heat resistant plastic. These are not assembled prior to shipping as the often break. You will need to attach the handles and support feet of the melter this requires 6 screws which are provided for you. Total time to assemble 3 minutes.

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