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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Candle: Christmas Candles

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Candles have been a very prominent part of the Christmas and Hanukkah traditions for thousands of years.

Even before the first Christmas day, people around the world held different rituals around the time of the winter solstice to encourage the sun gods to re-light the earth. Many ceremonies and festivals during this season involved people carrying lit candles through the streets and giving candles and wreaths as gifts.

Today, the Christmas season accounts for about 65 percent of candle sales in the US. Religious and secular motifs and appliqu├ęs decorate all types of candles. Novelty shapes of every seasonal symbol are used for Christmas candles.

For many people, Christmas candles are as integral to their Christmas decorations as mistletoe. Many Christmas candles are never lit and are brought out year after year with the rest of the ornaments that deck the halls during the season. Those who plan Christmas weddings, will want wedding candles with a Christmas holiday theme.

For Jewish people, lighting the eight candles of the menorah remains a significant commemoration of the resistance of the Jews against the Greeks and the re-dedication of the Temple in Jersusalm. Candles play a significant role in many Jewish rituals and celebrations.

In the Christian tradition, advent candles are different coloured candles lit every evening throughout the month of December, beginning with the first Saturday before the feast of St. Andrew. Three purple candles represent repentance and one pink candle is lit on Rose Sunday

Secular novelty candles come in every conceivable size, shape and colour. Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen are some of the more popular. Small floating candles in the shape of gingerbread men, peppermint candies or snowflakes make a nice display on a side table.

Even seasonal scents grace Christmas candles - cider, gingerbread and peppermint scented candles fill homes and shops with sweet aroma.

Jar candles with evergreen scent and gel candles reminiscent of those little glass balls with glitters and winter scenes are a great gift for hosts and others on your holiday gift list.

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