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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scented Rock Salt Crystal Potpourri

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A brief History

First let us start with a history Lesson. What is Scented Rock Salt? Rock Salt is known by a number of names including: Crystal Potpourri, Rock Salt, and Scented Sea Salt. Rock Salt is a natural salt pulled from the ocean. It is used to absorb fragrance and essential oils. When fragrance or essential oils are absorbed into the rock, they can then slowly release a burst of fragrance into a small room. Sea Salt can even be colored, so you can become very creative with your salts. Rock salts last for approx. 5-6 weeks before needing to be “refreshed”.

How do you refresh your salts:

After approx.. 5-6 weeks your rock salt will probably need a refresher. The scented oil will evaporate into the air, releasing the fragrant aroma. This does provide you with a great smelling room, however the fragrance will eventually run dry in your salts. To add a FRESH burst of fragrance into your rocks, simply remove salts from decorative container. Place in a ziplock bag, plastic container, or even glass bowl. Add your fragrance oil, the amount of the oil you need really depends on the amount of salts you have. Once you have added enough fragrance oils, give your bag a good shake, if you are using a bowl stir the mixture around until all salt crystals are completely saturated with the fragrance oil.

You can start to enjoy your salts right away if you are using a tart melter or oil warmer. If you would prefer sachets of your rocks you will need to allow them to dry fully before placing in bags or sachets. To let them dry just leave them in an open container and stir occasional sifting the salts around until they have dried fully.


  1. Now following. Glad to have found your products via Sampler Village. Wonderful.

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