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Monday, May 23, 2011

Palm Wax Candles

Some of the most beautiful candles you'll ever see are made using palm wax. Palm wax is an all natural wax that creates a harder candle than using soy. There are a number of different palm waxes available and each creates an entirely different candle. We offer Starburst Pillar Palm Wax and Crystal Container Palm Wax. The price is fairly competitive to soy, except Palm Wax provides you with so many added benefits.

You can see the 2 different candles in the blog made with both types of wax. You will notice when using the palm wax the candles appear pastel in color similar to soy wax. If you look closely you can see the pattern on the outside of the pillar candle, the "starburst" effect. This candle is unique and if you are selling your products it is a good idea to provide a candle that is different to the candles provided at the booth down the row. Many sellers can charge extra on Palm Wax candles because they are very appealing and have huge selling points. Some selling points to remember to pitch are:

~ Each candle is unique because the pattern cannot be created twice
~ A
ll-natural, renewable resource
~No added Chemicals
It resists melting in hot summer months
~ No additives NEEDED!! (Hooray)

We hope that if you have never used palm wax before, that you will consider using this unique wax. Once you try it and see the creativity this wax allows you to have you will be hooked. The wax absorbs fragrance very well and will take color without any issues. This allows you to really
save money because you can add less color. Palm wax will also mix well with other waxes so you can create your own custom blends. If you have any questions you can visit us online or email us with any questions and we will do our best to help you where we can

We would love to see photos of your palm wax creations. Feel free to post photos on our blog or our facebook page of your palm wax candles.

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